Part 2 City Council Meeting

I went to a lot of trouble to transcribe this portion of the meeting because he goes on at a clip & I wanted to make SURE you all understand the stuff that is happening here.


Remember the battle we had over remaining our own own separate entity, separate from Call-Fire? That was one heck of a fight. We fought to keep our fire department. Here’s a link for a little information (2014)


Take a look at 7/14/2020 city council meeting, part 3


Fire chief Scott Brown (listen carefully from 37:17 on the video) ---- this is VERBATIM, his words, not mine. No personal inflection here.


"I want to make it very clear that the CLOSURE of station 5 is a direct result of our current budget situation. I was given very clear direction and I followed through on that direction. based on our fiscal target. My job as your fire chef is to determine other options, which I presented to this council. We maintain that fire station open, at fire station 5. (what he’s NOT telling you is station 5 is a medical unit, EMS which he decalres later his comments). No fire trucks operate for the purpose of putting out fire, out of station 5. He makes it sound like Station 5 is fighting fires - first he says it's CLOSED then he says it's OPEN) We’re dealing with a high frequency low risk call types, EMS (in other words, it’s not open to deal with fires, it’s open strictly to deal with emergency medical issues. He specifically tells us that station 5 is closed due to budget!), and we still have fire coverage. (he's not telling you that other fire stations, maybe miles away from an incident, are having to responding) God forbid you live in a mobile home park & one of the structures catches fire----). That fire that Ms. Meyer is referring to (which took place on 7/4, NOT the date he is referring to - he's got the fires mixed up) which occurred in the Parkfield area, was a one (1) acre fire. Your Hemet Fire Dept. was on scene first. In fact our engine 1 was on scene before Cal-Fire. Our battalion assumed command. That fire was held to less than 3 acres with no damage to structures (the fire Ms. Meyers was referring to was a STRUCTURE fire). We respond to thise kinds of calls each & every day. We respond together, collectively. It's not 1 station. It's the entire system as a whole. We're a small dept. We rely on mutual aid partnership & that is how we're successful in our day to day ability to respond to the many calls we go on. And if I may add one other quick comment, & I've been very good in keeping my power dry if you will -- (listen carefully, this is where it gets kind of dicey) engine 1 is out of service, engine 2 is out of service, engine 3 is out of service. Engine 5, which was taken out of service & SERVING AS A PRIMARY RELIEF is in service as engine 3. We have a relief engine covering engine also covering engine 1 now. Engine 1 was involved in an accident. That was a relief engine. I've given direction to take that out of service until further notice. That engine has a trans retarder (transmission retarder, which improves the brakes on a commercial truck. Retarders relieve the service brake and increase the active safety and cost-effectiveness of commercial vehicles). It's a secondary braking system that's been out of service for several years. Council, as I stood before you the first day I was here & I hung the turnout gear that was ripped & torn, helmets that were cracked & radios that didn't work, I asked of you, I need your help. Our fire fighters deserve nothing less than the best equipment we can purchase. THE EQUIPMENT WE DO HAVE, WE MAINTAIN AT A HIGH STATE OF READINESS (really? when you have so many engines out of service?) So, anymore more delays, respectfully, we've been talking about this for over a year.... we’ve responded to the requests; we've adapted to everything you've asked us to do. I'm asking for your help, as your fire chief. to provide the tools we need, in this case, we need a brand-new engine. I can't keep the wheels on the units we have now. They're old, they’re tired, I updated the mileage (what exactly does that mean?) Engine 1 has, in addition to the trans-axle issue, ongoing electrical issues, the pump panel's not working. I have a list of all this with the inventory......" At this point council interrupts his monologue/

Think about this

1. Engine 1 out of service (involved in an accident among other major issues)

Engine 2 out of service

Engine 3 out of service

Engine 5 was out of service but now used as a relief engine for engine 3

They have a “relief” engine covering engine 1


2). He gets fires mixed up. He is talking about a brush fire; Karlee Meyer is talking about a structure fire. There is a video in the comments section of my initial post showing a clip of the fire Ms. Meyer was referring to. Good thing we have that video