The homeless problem in Hemet started with the City Council well over a decade ago.  Back in 2010, when Chuck Washington (our current County Supervisor) sat on the Temecula City Council), an attempt was made to bring the homeless “industry” to Hemet.  After that attempt failed, Washington turned to Hemet.    Temecula is much more informed and educated (at least at that time it was), and they saw the writing on the wall. 


At that time, Lori Van Arsdale and Robin Lowe sat on the City Council.  Once the realized all the grant money, and hotel vouchers that were available, they welcomed the homeless industry.  Did they understand the consequences of initiating the influx of homeless?


By law every city has to address homelessness in their general plan. In the Temecula general plan, it names the cities of Hemet and Perris as the providers for homeless outreach, and centers.


Fast forward, the homeless receive vouchers for a limited number of days in a motel/hotel in the location of their choice, provided the hotel accepts such vouchers.  When their stay expires, they stay in Hemet because the housing in Hemet is a lot let expensive! 


That’s the long and short of homelessness in Hemet.  Now you have the facts.