Let me point some things out to you, in case you missed them in prior posts. Look at the attachment to see what I’m talking about. Some of you have lived in Hemet long enough to know a lot of political history and behavior but many of you have not.


California requires different types of reports when you’re a candidate for any kind of public office. The average guy is honest and does his best with reporting as it’s required. There are also all kinds of rules when it comes to money. Hemet has had quite a few people who just can’t seem to keep it honest (one just left town). It’s not just Hemet, it’s everywhere. There is the Secretary of State and Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) who you can make formal complaints to. We’re getting pretty close to the election deadline and I’m seeing more and more garbage by the same garbage people who think money will buy in the candidate of their choice or the measure they’d like to see move forward. (witness the failed Measure E and Measure U general tax). Occasionally the truth prevails, often too little too late.


You’ll notice the same names popping up. Go visit Hemet San Jacinto Action Group’s website. You’ll recognize many names. Hemet has an approximate population of 80,000 but there is a core group of people that believe they control the politics of the community (balance of power) The perpetrators figure they’ll never get caught and the average person has no idea where to go or what to do to make change. People move, people get sick, they die, they go broke (particularly when they keep breaking the law and big daddy nails them (even the sanctimonious religious ones). This garbage is becoming more blatant lately. It’s no longer “catch me if you can”, it’s more like “screw you, there’s not a thing you can do about it if you do catch me”. That sounds harsh, but the truth is sometimes harsh.


SIDE BAR: Some of you also don’t understand the term “balance of power” as it applies to Hemet. It is regarded as a universal law of political behavior. Here’s a practical application of the term: it refers to a relative power position. Balance of power is part and parcel of a system of power politics. To put it simply, it is whoever has the most power! In terms of Hemet City Council, the power for the last years has been Krupa, Brown, Wright versus Meyer and Perciful. That means, Meyer and Perciful usually got out-voted for certain things. The perception is that Meyer was not doing her job. Meyer IS doing her job but it’s an uphill battle, basically it’s been three against two. Our friends on the Action Committee aren’t happy about that and will do whatever they think it’ll take to get her off the council. The battle now is to get Joe Males on the council and get Karlee Meyer re-elected so the balance shifts. There you have it. When you see your mailbox flooded with more of those obscene mailers about Meyer, the truth is just the opposite.


One state required forms is # 496, the Late Contributions and Expenditures form. I went through the list, many names I recognized and whose history I knew. This Late Expenditure report is from the Inland Inland Empire Taxpayers Assn. IETA has a history of waiting as long as possible to disclose their contributions and expenditures. . Often the opposition can’t move fast enough to print a maker that arrives before election time. For the little-known candidate or less aggressive one, it’s an uphill battle to fend off the snakes.


These guys are planning to blanket the area with more mailers on incumbent Meyer. I try hard to stay neutral but when you have this kind of activity taking place, I want as many people to know as possible. Almost $4,000 was spent for one mailer (unless they actually had another candidate from another council they’re also attacking and just didn’t disclose the name on the 496). That’s what they did before. They must be feeling very threatened. They’re doing this to multiple candidates, different areas, spreading lies, just like they did with Stacie Olson two years ago. As for the other people, you folks probably won’t know who I’m talking about, but they know and I know. We have some really bad actors living in Hemet.


Now – let me introduce you to some of the contributors

James Cox is on the Victorville City Council. Slight conflict of interest here.

Marc Gosch – guess who that is? I guess it runs in the family

JRT BP 1 LLC, Yorba Linda, CA. I have no idea who Mike Masterson is in the grand scheme of things, but there are a couple of companies involved in this LLC & wouldn’t you know, the City of Beaumont has some kind of relationship with the LLC & Landstar (development company). His company gave almost $3,000.

Jim Kennedy, Victorville – FORMER City Council member with less than a stellar history.

Mitsubishi Cement, Henderson, NV – I think I’ve figured this one out but I want to be sure. Before I name names. It’s definitely a company that operates in Hemet with several different locations.

Timothy Moram – Temecula. Gosch Chief Operating Officer. See a trend here?

Dana Reed, Indian Wells. This is Mayor Pro Tem on Indian Wells City Council. That’s a conflict of interest right there. This guy is tied to a slam on another candidate by IETA.

Tierra Verde Consultant LLC, Hemet. A couple of posts back, I mentioned Michael Foutz, who has had his Franchise Tax Board number SUSPENDED. This guy is an accountant. I'd love to have his accounting skills.


This is just part of the handful of of people with a mélange of “relationships” that are involved in this stuff. If you watch the nightly news highlighting Washington DC, you’ll see the same twisted kind of frenzy. It’s all about “relationships”, all kinds of relationships that involve a lot of MONEY.


Many of the people opposed to the Measure U battle seem to have disappeared from Hemet. I was unable to find the opponent to Linda Krupa from the 2016 council race. He would have won that seat if it hadn’t been for a certain person who warned him off. There are people in Hemet who use intimidation tactics on those that just don’t know any better. Don’t be one of those that are intimidated. You have a right to be right and you shouldn’t have to defend yourself to do that.


Have a nice day everyone. And for those of you that observe the Jewish New Year, it's a little late, I'm not too observant myself, L'Shana Tova. That means Happy New Year :-)