After posting the “Dirty Politics” item to multiple social media platforms and a well trafficked blog, I had a rather snarky question asking me to name names, etc., so they would not have to actually look at all the documentation (which there is plenty of). I realized this person probably had not lived in Hemet very long & had no idea what I was talking about. God forbid someone should expect you to actually think about what you’re reading or hearing or seeing. This is what happens when people rely on social media for their news. This is not about opinions, it’s about facts. I went to the trouble of explaining how this thing works. I’m posting my response here in case there is any question about the documents. It should be abundantly clear to anyone who cares, what this is all about.


Inland Empire Taxpayers Assn. sent out a flyer with a pack of lies about incumbent Karlee Meyers. They filed the required late form (469) with the Fair Political Practices Commission (of California). If you look closely at the bottom of the flyer, you'll note that the mailer (which was sent to all registered voters in Hemet), was in fact printed & mailed by IETA. By law, when a mailer or promotional material is sent, you MUST name the person or group that authorized it. It's called disclosure. Laws were created to protect people from lies, etc. IETA is a PAC (political action committee) You’re supposed to name the candidate involved, the contributions, & the expenses.


On the disclosure form (469 which is attached to the original post), it names certain people, Marc Gosch, Tierra Verde Consultant LLC (which is owned by Michael Foutz) & Timothy Moran, Chief Operating Officer of Gosch Auto Group. It's a curious trio of names (actually there are more than just these 3 people), It's all about "relationships" folks. There is a twisted medley of people with long histories in Hemet.


If you know anything about the history of Hemet, you would know that the Inland Empire Taxpayer Assn. has used this same tactic on another candidate 2 years ago. It was the same group. I don't know if you were living in Hemet 2 years ago, but there was a candidate by the name of Stacie Olson running for city council. IETA sent out the nastiest mailer & destroyed the woman. This is about POWER, pure & simple. By the way, the form doesn't say that Gosch, Foutz, & Moran personally received & spent money on the flyer, but wouldn't you be curious if the chief operating officer and managing partner of the Gosch Auto Group made a special trip to Temecula (why not Hemet?) to see employees on the same day that these actions happened?


Here's the other thing. At the top of the 469, you don't see Meyers name, you see some other candidate, Doug Hanson (from Indian Wells). Why in the world would Hemet residents & businesses support an Indian Wells candidate? What can that person do for Hemet? NOTHING that I know of. Again, remember, the 469 was filed by IETA. The point is, this mailer was definitely sent to Hemet residents but that is NOT revealed on the 469. Hmmmmm - I have a mailer that I received so I have proof. I have spoken to numerous people who are infuriated by this tactic. Some have already made complaints to the FPPC.


Sometimes, in shady politics, a group (known as a political action committee or PAC) will lobby on behalf of their candidate. They know they are supposed to reveal who spent money on what. They get around it by convincing someone else to do their dirty work for them, so their name is not associated with the action. In this case, I cannot specifically accuse anyone because it would put me in legal jeopardy. In other words, I could be sued. The names I did name were shown on the form that I attached; it was public information. This is what I mean by "connect the dots". How do I know that this high-level employee was conveniently around? There was a Facebook post with him posing for a photo. No secret. I'm not accusing, I'm simply there something we're missing here?


By the way, the reason they filed a late notice and probably paid fines associated with the late notice is so they could withhold information from the other candidates & the public for as long as possible. Only problem is, some of the public figured this stuff out. It's disgusting.


I called the Fair Practices Political Commission this morning to find out if it is legal for someone to name just one candidate (which is what IETA did on the 469 OR do they have to create another 469 when there is more than one candidate. This form as it was completed, was confusing. It was mean to be confusing. The reader is supposed to believe that all this activity was associated with ONE candidate for another unrelated city council. If you believe that, I’ve got a bridge to sell you