Disclaimer: All attachments are public information and can be found on the Internet.


Some of you have seen a mailer that screams lies from top to bottom about a particular candidate for city council. After a little digging and comparing names, dates, mailings, etc,, I came away with more questions than I had answers for.. Let’s start from the beginning.


1. The mailer came from none other than Inland Empire Taxpayers Association, Riverside, CA – I did a post on them the other day. Look for it in this group. I'm attaching a copy of the law that is posted on the California Secretary of State website.


2. The state has a specific requirement that must be adhered to or a complaint can be filed. The attached 496 filing is late. Take a look at some of the names on the 496. See anyone familiar? Only one candidate can be listed according to the form. You may be asking yourself what this has to do with anything. This will make sense as you go through the documents. The printing was done on 10/15/2020, but the state says you have to report this before you actually spend the money.


3. On 10/09 Marc Gosch gave $1,000.

4. On 10/9 Tierra Verde Consultant gave $2,000.

5. Co-incidentally, Tim Moran just happened to be in Temecula on 10/9/2020. Guys, you can’t make this stuff up. (Moran works as a COO for Gosch Auto Group).

6. On top of all that ----- I did a Ca. Secretary of State Business search and discovered that the Franchise Tax Board had suspended Tierra Verde. Who owns Tierra Verde? Find attached the last filing (2017). The principal of Tierra Verde is named on Secretary of State filings. Put two & two together and in this case, you don’t really come up with four. I don't know if a company that has been suspended by the Franchise Tax Board can legally contribute to a political campaign. I couldn't find an answer to that on line. By the way, I could find no record of the FTB status being activated again.


Who actually paid for the mailer? I won’t go as far as to say how the transaction took place. I wasn’t there. I’m just making public documents available in one convenient place.


What I really want to know is this. Why in the world do these people want to get rid of one particular city council member? Maybe they can answer that.


All this information was PUBLIC. I didn’t hire someone to look it up. It’s there for anyone who wants to take the time to look.