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Just for the heck of it, I thought I'd attach the report showing our current investments.  At the current time, federal rates are 0%.  Jeez, the idea is to make some money.  We also have what’s called a Warrant Register.  If you think it’s a headache to read this attached report, you should try looking at the Warrant report.  What an education that is.


You can see why we need a new treasurer, one with passion and appropriate experience, one who doesn't own a brokerage business (conflict of interest). That's not an opinion, that's a fact.  Perception is everything, would you agree?  The perception is, if you have a vested interested in a business and you want to have control of the city's treasury, you would want the public to perceive you as being someone with transparency & integrity.  He did reveal his license on all the relevant forms and he told me in a phone conversation he would relinquish the license, but he hasn’t done so yet.  I understand that he wants to wait to be sure he doesn’t lose the election.  To be fair, he has had his share of headaches with the SEC.  I guess he felt justified in his argument and since I’m not a broker, I can’t dispute that.  I would need more information and clarification. 


There used to be a video of him arguing his case with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. It has mysteriously disappeared (or been taken down perhaps?  The fact that there is a current license speaks for itself. 


Incidentally, as for the boards he is on, the Diamond Valley Arts Council no longer exists.  So how is that being an active member?   If there is nothing to be a member of, it’s just not possible. 


The Sharemaster case wasn’t the be-all-end-all but I don’t think he has discussed that case publicly.  Rather disingenuous, wouldn’t you say?  Personally, anyone that the city endorses (any on the current council that is), would make me leery of the candidate.  He is endorsed by Linda Krupa, Russ Brown and would you believe, Judith Oltman, our current Treasurer!  Check out his website:  http://howard-feigenbaum-for-city-of-hemet-treasurer-2020.com/


Now if anyone can dig up some dirt on the other candidate, Sue Savage, I’m all ears.  Let me know if you find anything significant.  I’ll be the first to post it. 


All the truth, nothing but the truth.


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