This group just sent out a miler with all kinds of mistruths (lies) about incumbent Karlee Meyer (City Council District 1) running for re-election. All the items they are accusing her of happend BEFORE she ever got on the City Council. Read on.


IETA, what a shady bunch these people are. On their Facebook “about” (profile) of Inland Empire Taxpayers Association, they describe themselves as being “dedicated to researching ballot measures, candidates and public policy issues, educating the public on these matters and taking action to protect the interests of taxpayers in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties”. The continue with their explanation by stating “Fighting for Freedom, Less Government & Lower Taxes! The Inland Empire Taxpayers Association (IETA) is an organization founded with the primary goal of putting an end to attempts by various local government agencies to raise our taxes…including passing new bonds and raising fees. Since its creation in April, 2006, the IETA has been successful at defeating ballot measures totaling over $813 million. In all, through its efforts fighting taxes at the ballot box, the IETA has directly prevented the creation of over $1.6 billion of new public debt (initial bond amounts plus interest). IETA was founded in April, 2006. Their website address is:


Nothing could be further from the truth. What they seem to be doing is smearing candidates that oppose their interests or the interest of their contributors. There are lots of real estate investors involved. Are they following the law according to the Secretary of State of California? NO. They do have a political ID #: 1285847. They ‘have a legitimate address, 4201 Brockton Avenue, Suite 100, Riverside, CA 92501


Here’s how they’re in violation. The Secretary of State REQUIRES that you report within TWENTY FOUR HOURS. See the attached PDF from the website of the Secretary of State. As of this date, the last reporting made was dated 09/02/2020 These guys are literally “working the system”. You can file a complaint with the state, but it takes forever for anything to happen; they bank on that. They just don’t care. They’ll pay the late fines because they have plenty of money with more on the way. Eventually they’ll report on what they’ve spent and for whom, but by that time, the election will be over. What are these guys really opposed to?


They pulled the same thing when Stacey Olson ran for City Council in 2016. What they’re doing is mailing out these false mailers, all lies and waiting until they are FORCED to report. They’ll get fined for late reporting but they don’t care because they have plenty of money in the bank and it keeps rolling in. There are some familiar donor names on the 2016 smear campaign. While we do not have verification of who is behind this latest sleazy attempt to defame a candidate that has actually SAVE Hemet money, we have a pretty good idea of who some of them are.


As an aside, I looked at contributors on the IETA Secretary of State page: There is one PAC in particular we should be keeping an eye on. The political ID # is 890106. That number belongs to CREPAC (The California Real Estate PAC) It appears to be a long-standing Political Action Committee of the California Realtors Association and has a history of supporting candidates across the state. Their address of record is 525 So. Virgil Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90020


If you look at the old Stacie Olson material that was mailed out at the last minute, you see some familiar names ---- they seem to pop up all over the place. I'll name names shortly. I want the documentation in front of me.


As for District 4, the Madrid Campaign, such as it is, is really dropping the ball legally. I haven’t been able to find a political ID # on Miguel “Mike” Madrid. Whose mailing permit did they use when they did their mailer against Joe Males? If you look at the mailer itself, it’s somewhat questionable. The letter supposedly signed by former Chief of Police Dave Brown looks really wonky.


As more details become available on the smear campaign against Ms. Meyers, it will be posted along with supporting documentation.