Open Letter to the City of Hemet


What the hell is wrong with the Republican Party? Do they even want to see President Donald Trump re-elected? Did life come to a grinding halt because of Corona virus? Is that their excuse? For sure they don’t seem to be interested in putting people into the Assembly. At least I don’t see it.

I have tried mostly unsuccessfully to make direct contact with the local (Hemet) Republican office. No response. Yes, I do know who runs the local Republican party. I then contacted the county office. It took me about 3 weeks to get someone to respond. I received a Facebook message & that was the end of it. I got so disgusted I gave up. It sounded to me like that person was making excuses. He told me what I already knew. Maybe I’m being unfair, don’t think so.

In an effort to get SOMETHING done, ANYTHING, I made a personal decision to focus on local governance - such as it is. It starts with ONE person, that's all it takes. Some of you read my post on CORRUPTION. That was a prelude to this post.

This is basically an open letter to city of Hemet residents. If you want to see change in this place, then you need to be part of the solution. I'm sick & tired of hearing people complain, watching them do nothing. I'm tired of excuses. I'm tired of watching certain "officials" get away with all kinds of stuff, then rationalize it and make excuses to their constituency. Actually, they outright LIE. Yes, you're LOCAL elected officials actually lie to us. Not only do they lie to us, but certain other "high level" administrators of certain public services also lie. They think they're getting away with something. The problem is, they can't keep their lies straight! To be honest, their constituency is themselves.

If you want to join me (& a select few others in town), join us on the Facebook page “Hemet Lives Matter”. There's success in numbers. Really. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

If you want change, make it happen. You have that power. Don’t gripe to me, I don’t want to hear it. I am not co-dependent. I don’t need anyone’s love (just God’s & I have that). No one gets to tell me who will & who won’t run for a council seat. There are however, a couple of local business people who think they can do that. That will not happen this year like it did in 2016.. It's illegal to bully people, even if you're a successful business person.

There are 3 seats coming up for Hemet City Council. If you want to be part of the solution, you can make SURE you vote for Joe Males for district 4 and Karlee Meyer for district 1. The alternative is the same old same old. Bonnie Wright (District 4) probably should have RESIGNED as she sold her Hemet home in May, 2020, closing escrow in July, 2020. It's public information :-) I'm not sure exactly where Ms. Wright is living. Hopefully we'll find out before the next city council meeting. Resigning would absolutely be the right thing to do.

We take care of THIS election, then we move forward. Don’t forget to vote for any open judgeship. Do the research & make your best choice. Don’t throw away your vote or you’ll lose it.

If you’re wondering what’s going Hemet’s Measure U money, tune into a You Tube live streaming city council meeting. Next meeting is Tuesday, July 28, 2020 at 7:00pm. You can actually sit at your computer & eat your dinner while you’re listening. You can also make comments, but you have to do request to do that that no later than 2:00pm the day of the meeting. You can call in your question or you can go live to the meeting. BE WARNED, I've heard the city makes you actually sit out in the lobby & not in the chamber. You may as well just live stream it :-)

Poor little Hemet lost a ton of tax revenue when COVID19 kicked in & businesses were forced to shutter. So – whose fault is that? Hemet does not make it easy for people to get anything done. Try getting a permit for anything in this town. Seriously, you’ll probably have to close your business before it gets done. Try requesting copies of anything. Criminy - you'd think you were asking the employees to pull their pants down.

If you aren’t sure what council district, you’re in, here’s a link to the PDF map. Once you figure out your district, make sure you contact your city council ‘representative”