Went to the City of Hemet website for agendas & websites for various committees, etc.


1. No minutes for 7/14 are posted to date. You have to watch the video

2. Planning commission meeting was cancelled

3. The last posted minutes of the Oversight Committee for former Redevelopment agency was posted 04/24/2020

4. Measure U Citizen Oversight Committee AGENDA for meeting of 6/18 was posted. I had to really hunt down the minutes. I'll try to convert the PDF to JPG & attach it. Here's the link just in case. I find it very interesting that no numbers were referenced in the minutes. They are planning to have another meeting. They're using Zoom to have the meetings. I'll see if I can attend. Be nice to have some support : (see link at the bottom of this post.

5. The Parks Commission is scheduled to meet 7/29 but they don't have an agenda published.

6. Investment Oversight Committee met in Feb. 2020 The minutes are posted. I'm curious about Ms. Oltman, the city treasurer. I tried to do some background on Ms. Oltman. I wanted fo see what what her bachelor's degree was sin. I couldn't find any evidence that Ms. Oltman even went to college. Perhaps I overlooked something. In any case, if anyone in this group can enlighten me, I'd appreciate it! A meeting was scheduled for March, 2020 but I do not see any record of minutes.

7. Hemet Public library. Last meeting was cancelled. I have to say, personally, I have great respect for Kathye Caines, the senior librarian. She is such an asset & does a great job. We're fortunate to have her.